Waste Recycling and Destruction Limited (WRD) offer a wide range of services for the receipt, destruction and recycling of all palletised finished goods and bulk product, providing absolute brand confidentiality.  WRD also provide competitive solutions for packaging and other materials and offer total waste solutions. 

 100% recycling on the majority of products100% Recycling
WRD hold high environmental standards and one of our primary objectives is to reduce all waste to landfill.  Following the destruction of unwanted products WRD strive to recycle 100% of food and beverage waste and packaging, helping you to reduce your company's carbon footprint. 
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 Secure destruction
Secure Product Destruction
Secure Product Destruction is of the highest importance to ensure that unwanted products don't re-appear in the market place.  WRD recognise that the integrity and reputation of your product and brand is of the upmost importance and provide security and protection in the destruction of your unwanted products. 
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 Brand protectionBrand Protection
WRD guarantee the highest level of Brand Protection when your product is placed in our hands.  Destruction takes place within a high level security facility with video and picture evidence of destruction is available, if required, and a certificate of destruction is always issued.
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Nationwide Service Nationwide Service
WRD has a network all over the United Kingdom offering our clients the highest level of service regardless of location. WRD currently boasts clients all over the United Kingdom providing total waste management solutions from Aberdeen to Penzance.
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 excellent customer serviceCustomer Service
WRD over the past 12 months has retained 98.2% of its customer base and are constantly aiming to improve customer relations and provide unrivalled service. WRD work on a personal level to provide bespoke solutions to your waste management requirements.
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rapid response

Rapid Response
At WRD we have a team of people waiting to respond to your enquiry and aim in many instances to provide highly competitive quotations in the same day.  Our Nationwide Network makes fast, rapid waste solutions possible, regardless of location.   
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